2.553 m2

Sadabad Auditorium

Sadabad Auditorium is Haliç Congress Center's second largest space. It features a 1,644-square meter foyer area, 1,138-person seating capacity, 194 movable chairs, and three backstage rooms for speakers. The auditorium plays host to many memorable events with its 151-square meter stage and 35-square meter orchestra pit, a 24 kW and 110 db Dolby Digital speaker setup, Wenger acoustic shell system, and a lighting system with 512 set-channel automation center and portable spotlights, six-language simultaneous translation system, 175-person capacity digital delegation voting system, and a stage direction and recording infrastructure with robotic SD camera.

Sadabad Foyer

The spacious Sadabad Foyer is an exceptional venue for cocktail parties, exhibitions and coffee breaks, providing direct access to the Haliç Auditorium foyer through the Gallery 2 pass..

Theatre U-Shape Classroom I-Shape Banquet Cabaret Standing
Standing Coctail
Prolonge Open
Height (min) Height (max) Width Length Area m2
Sadabad Auditorium (Total) 113112,54 mt.909 m2
Sadabad Balcony Railing 1,75 mt.11*15*11 mt
Sadabad Foyer 6003008006003,30 mt7,28 mt1.411 m2
Sadabad Balcony Foyer 4,27 mt233 m2
Sadabad Movable Seating 194
Sadabad Armlet Seats 586
Sadabad Balcony Seating 321
Sadabad Balcony Under Stairs 7,28 mt314 m2
Sadabat Lower Floor Seating 810
Sadabad Stage (Parter) 6,30 mt12 mt13,85 mt168 m2
Sadabad Stage 6,30 mt12,26 mt12,37 mt151 m2