Guests Capacity
+ 20 k
Meals Served Anually

At Haliç Congress Center Catering Services, every event and reception turns into a memorable celebration, thanks to exclusive presentations by master chefs and a seasoned team boasting a customer-centric approach.

The Center has the capacity to host 7,000 guests indoors and on the seafront, offering delicious dishes from Turkish and world cuisine. And the à la carte Halic Gurme Restaurant within the Center is a delicious stop for lunch or dinner. Erguvan Restaurant can also host 210 guests: 100 outdoors and 110 indoors. The restaurant only uses fresh, seasonal products.

We Are're Responsible

Any uneaten desserts, sandwiches or similar items leftover from events are delivered to the needy in an honorable fashion at the municipality’s social markets. Other uneaten food is also frozen and sent to animal shelters.

Certfied Quality

Let's work together to make the next big event

Top talents of the event industry is ready to collaborate for your event from brainstorming phase to staging the dream. Our sales team will be in contact with you shortly to further discuss your expectations.