İstanbul is The New Cool

İstanbul defines the word cool. Being home to a very diverse crowd, and holding two continents together, being cool is inevitable.

Istanbul is one of the world’s biggest metropolises, dating back 8,500 years as a host to the greatest civilizations and magnificent culture heritages of the world.

Haliç has shaped the historic Istanbul peninsula and has functioned as a natural port for 2,000 years for the city that was named Byzantion, Constantinople, and Istanbul, respectively. It gave its name to the bay as well as to the surrounding region on the coastline, serving as a settlement for Greeks, Jews, Genovese, and other minorities throughout the Ottoman era.

Meaning “happy place,” or “Sadabad,” Haliç was a leisurely area filled with upper class mansions and tulip gardens during the 18th century. Today, both shores of Haliç have become areas to watch sunsets worthy of paintings and to enjoy its appealing parks. Fener and Balat stand out with their traditional wooden Istanbul homes, old neighborhoods, and Byzantine-era churches and temples. They are also home to the Fener Greek Patriarchate, the spiritual center of Orthodox Christians. Eyüp, another historic region, is the location of the “Eyüp Sultan Shrine and Mosque,” which gives the district its name and is regarded as the holiest site in Istanbul. And Pierre Loti Hill is the right place to take in the magnificent view of Haliç.

Nowadays, the Haliç region is regarded as an center of education, culture and a fine arts, hosting venues with the likes of Miniatürk, the first miniature park of Istanbul, Rahmi M. Koç Museum, Haliç University, Kadir Has University, Bilgi University, Medipol University, and the Santral Istanbul, the first modern art museum of the city. The Haliç Congress Center is the up-and-coming venue of the congress, meeting and event industry not only in Turkey but in the world, thanks to its surrounding universities, hotels within walking distance, projected new accommodation investments, and land and sea transportation.

It is seven minutes from Taksim and Eminönü, 20 minutes from Atatürk Airport, and only 45 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The Center is a few minutes away from the E5 and TEM connections, and it offers guests access to the sea from Sütlüce Port, either by event boats or city line ferries. It is the only congress center located by the sea.

Haliç Congress Center is surrounded by nine 5-star hotels, four 4-star hotels and boutique hotels, totaling 2,757 rooms on a 5-square kilometer area.