Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

The Haliç Congress Center acts with an awareness of “sustainability” with tremendous economic, environmental and social effect.

Sustainable Catering Services

The restaurant only uses fresh, seasonal products. Any uneaten desserts, sandwiches or similar items leftover from events are delivered to the needy in an honorable fashion at the municipality’s social markets. Other uneaten food is also frozen and sent to animal shelters.

Sustainable Technical Services

Lighting systems feature 95-percent compact fluorescence lamps and LED lighting, and the windows throughout the building feature double-glazing for heat insulation. Heat-filtered film and low-flow special fixtures are used in office windows and in all sinks, respectively. Employees are encouraged to drop scrap batteries into “Scrap Battery Boxes.” In addition, the venue has recycling boxes for the recyclable waste of the guests. Outdoor lighting fixtures have time clocks, and lighting is scheduled according to summer and winter hours. Electricity consumption is reduced by heating system pumps, booster pumps and frequency inverters on the main air conditioning plants, and garden irrigation is performed by time-adjusted drip irrigation systems.

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