Seating Capacity
2000 m2
Total Area

Boasting a 3,004-person seating capacity auditorium, a 2,830-square meter foyer leading to the seafront, a 477-square meter stage, and 12 backstage rooms for speakers, Haliç Building is the perfect venue for congresses and meetings, concerts, ceremonies, film galas, exhibitions, and culture and art events.

Haliç Auditorium

With a 105-square meter orchestra pit, Haliç Auditorium features a 120 db P.A. Dolby Digital speaker setup, Wenger acoustic shell system, and a lighting system with automation and digital control center, consisting of 1,024 set channels and portable spotlights. Guests are in for an unforgettable experience enhanced with the most advanced technological infrastructure, highlighting a 12-language simultaneous translation system, a digital delegation system for up to 300 people, a stage direction and recording system with robotic HD camera, 35 mm film projector, and a curtain, orchestra elevator and bar systems.

Haliç Auditorium is a very popular concert and reception venue. It features 510 movable chairs in front of the stage.

It offers great logistical convenience for organizers due to its unique location that allows direct access to the stage without the need for a ramp.

Haliç Foyer

Set on a 2,130-square meter area overlooking the seafront and magnificent views of Haliç, Haliç Foyer serves as an exhibition hall as well as a venue for cocktail parties, banquets, and coffee breaks in between sessions.

2.380 m2

Foyer Area


Seating capacity


Movable Chairs

105 m2

Orchestra Pit

Haliç Auditorium

Haliç Foyer

VenueTheatreU-ShapeClassroomI-ShapeBanquetCabaretStanding CocktailStanding Cocktail
Prolonge Open Buffet
VenueTheatreU-ShapeClassroomI-ShapeBanquetCabaretStanding CocktailStanding Cocktail
Prolonge Open Buffet
Haliç Auditorium (Ground+Upper Level)300417 mt.2.340 m2
Haliç Balcony Railing1,75 mt.15*25*15
Haliç Lower Floor Seating2121
Haliç Balcony Seating883
Haliç Movable Seating1116
Haliç Armlet Seats1116
Haliç Foyer1200600160012005 mt10,24 mt1.880 m2
Haliç Balcony Foyer3,34 mt950 m2
Haliç Balcony Under Stairs10,24 mt518 m2
Haliç Stage( Parter 1-2-3 )9,40 mt25,20 mt18,80 mt477 m2
Haliç Stage ( Parter 1-2)20,70 mt16,70 mt
Haliç Stage ( Parter 1)17,09 mt14,60 mt
Haliç Stage12,70 mt12,50 mt

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